A Vehicle Inspection Report (VIR) has information required for:
  • Change of ownership
  • DMV registration renewal
  • Military base access
  • Initial registration for out-of-state cars
  • Repair
A smog check is a physical exam for your car.  A typical VIR shows overall
health:  A well maintained vehicle is efficient and pollutes less,  a failed
vehicle is often due for maintenance anyway.   

According to the Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR), cars that passed
smog check are less likely to break down unexpectedly.  An emission
specialist should explain the results.  

Keep in mind, we DO NOT diagnose or repair EMISSION related issues.  
However, we will help you understand the results so you know what to
expect. Without Test Only Centers, consumers could make unnecessary

Smog Check works.  Otherwise, our air could be unbreathable.  For
example: a
VIR shown here is from one of our customers.  He did not know
his car emits about 200 times an average vehicle;  He is a one man fleet.  
Imagine millions of cars like this, threatening the public health.

Two almost identical cars: One
well maintained and the other neglected...

Relatively new cars fail smog check too.  A Mazda shown here is in
excellent condition, 57k miles, & no Check Engine Light.  Notice HC and
CO fail.  Turns out, the computer never enters Close Loop.  After a simple
reprogramming at the dealership, miles per gallon (MPG) is better and
emissions are almost zero for HC, CO, and NOx. She could have been a
gross polluter for years until that first smog check.  

Keeping your car well-maintained is more important than you might think.
Do I really need a smog check?
The State of California requires a smog check for the following:

  • DMV Renewal
  • Change of ownership
  • Out-of-state vehicle
  • Base access
  • Diesel and Gasoline vehicles
W can perform all smog check: regular, STAR, change ownership, initial
CA registration, out of state, military base access, etc.
What if my vehicle fails a smog test?
You may be eligible for financial assistance from the state of CA to
retire or repair your vehicle. The linked below will provide more
details about this program.
What does my Vehicle Inspection Report (VIR) tell
me? Why is it important?
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