George was surprised when his truck
passed @ 427,533 miles (10/30/07).  
2nd engine but mostly original
emission equipments.
I was never nervous doing smog until this car.
Later he brought in an Aston Martin.  Hey Daron!
What do you do for a living again? That reminds
me, I need to up my insurance.
My first customer. 1993 Nissan Stanza. Can't
believe it's still on the road. I promised this car
$34 smog checks for life.
1991 Beemer, passed at 227,715 mi. Good job
Chris. Maybe that's why you work for CARMAX.
Kevin & Britta's  '96 Odyssey has 201,027 miles.  
Mostly original emission equipments. The numbers
are equivalent to some new cars.  Keep up with
maintenance; We expect this van to break records.
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